november 2004


an exhibition of photo performance work

by pushpamala n. and clare arni

2 - 21 november 2004,
2 - 7 pm daily

seagull arts and media resource centre
36c, s.p.mukherjee road, calcutta 700025
ph: 24556942/43



Discussing survival.....Seagull's certainly, and in many ways, survival of certain values.

A love for the arts often opens up human beings to the practice of philanthropy. For without it the arts cannot survive, nor culture take root in a positive form. One feeds off the other and together they give birth to Taste and Style - the offsprings of Cultural Philanthropy.

As odd and at tangents as the notion is to today's times it will not surprise you to learn that it is an old Indian tradition, this 'business' of cultural philanthropy. This is precisely what used to happen in times when patronage was king or queen and the arts thrived, blossomed, even flourished because a certain nobility accepted the acquisition of 'taste' and 'style' as substantial returns in exchange of patronage and nurturing of individual artistes. In many ways being able to hear the music, see the paintings and read the poetry of the select few who were considered great artists was in itself a reward that out did anything mere gold could buy.

It is this lost tradition that we wish to remind you of now, in these times that have taken on a distinctly dark if not completely antagonistic hue. An already shrunken cultural space is getting more and more squeezed. The arts have a role to play in social chenge, in affecting values and attitudes, helping make a difference. Theatre, film, photography with social commitment need support in order to exist and be effective.

We do have a reputation for doing a lot of things, often simultaneously. Yes, this was easier in the seventies, when we started out than it is now. The Seagull Foundation for the Arts welcomes all who wish to support one or more of its projects in the arts. For details on how you can help us survive email