Worth, desirability, utility, qualities on which these depend.
Worth as estimated, valuation.
Purchasing power, power of a commodity to purchase others, amount of money or (Econ.) other commodities for which thing can be exchanged in open market.
Equivalent of a thing, what represents or is represented by or may be substituted for a thing; one’s principles or standards, one’s judgement of what is valuable or important in life; meaning of word etc.
Amount or quantity denoted by algebrical term or expression.
imbibe v.t.
Absorb, assimilate, (ideas etc.); drink (liquid, or abs. esp. of drinking alcholic liquor); inhale (air etc.); absorb (moisture etc.)
Expound the meaning of (abstruse or foreign words, writings, dreams, etc.); make out the meaning of, render, by artistic representation or performance; explain, understand, in specified manner (we interpret this as a threat)


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